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Matthew and MaryCatherine
About The Couple

We are Matt and Cat and we live on a small farm in Strasburg, Colorado. We met during high school, and it didn’t take long for us to fall in love. We have been happily married for 10 years but have been together for 20. Through Matt’s military and civilian career, we moved all over and eventually landed in Colorado. It wasn’t your typical journey, and we definitely didn’t follow the traditional path. Through trials and tribulations, we both realized we needed to go back to school, later in our lives, to obtain our college degrees and we both enjoy successful careers in Systems Engineering and Insurance Management. We wanted to accomplish certain milestones in life before bringing a child into the world. When we realized that naturally conceiving was not an option there was the initial sadness; however, it quickly turned to joy and excitement as we began the adoption process. Matt was adopted at a very young age, and we understood how beneficial adoption can be for the birth mother, child, and adoptive parents. Now a little bit about the home the child will grow up in. The amount of love in this home is indescribable by words. The child will be happy and will know that they are loved and wanted. It is the simple things in life that are important to us, a good home, good health, stable marriage, and beyond all happiness. If the birth parent chooses, we would like our child to know about their birth parents, the incredible amount of love they had for the child, and the sacrifice they made to ensure the child was provided for in life. We will teach our child about love, respect, hard work, and most of all how to have fun. They will spend their time experiencing life rather than watching it on television. Education is important to us, and our child will receive a good elementary and secondary education. College is a personal decision, and we will support our child in whatever decision they make. Most important to us is that the child be provided with the opportunities they need to pursue the path they choose in life. We look forward to watching our child grow and mature; support them as they stumble in life; and, of course, will celebrate with them as they experience the many successes in their life.

Kenny and Abby
About The Couple

Hello! Our family lives in a suburb outside Washington, DC and we have two biological daughters - we are very excited to add to our family through adoption! We have been happily married for nine years and are best friends who enjoy traveling together to places both near and far. We are a family who doesn't like to sit still and is always on the move! We are energized by adventure, powered by ice cream, and firmly committed to following Christ and raising our children to love Him and love others. Come explore our profile to learn more of who we are! 

Jerry and Meagan
About The Couple

We have been married almost 9 years and together for 14. We met through mutual friends at a restaurant shortly after Meagan moved to Dallas. We were both there to watch a football game and Jerry gave up his seat facing the TV so that Meagan could see the TV screen. His kindness immediately sparked Meagan’s attention. We ended the evening playing pool and really hit it off. We dated for 5 years as Jerry went back to school to pursue a second Bachelors degree. As soon as he graduated, he popped the question in the living room of Meagan’s apartment. We got married 7 months later at a bed and breakfast located in downtown Dallas. Our ceremony was small and intimate and Jerry’s best friend since elementary school officiated our wedding.

We welcomed our daughter, Claire Victoria, in 2019 after years of infertility and we thank God every day for her. Watching her grow, hearing her laugh, and teaching her things brings us so much joy. We so look forward to sharing those same experiences with another child one day!

Our relationship has always been fun and easy. We are truly partners and best friends, as cliché as it may sound. We love each others company and just about everything we do, we do together. We have had our share of hardships, like battling infertility, losing our son and Meagan’s brother, but we lean on each other for support and it has made our relationship stronger. We are committed to one another and to our family for a lifetime.

Peter and Monica
About The Couple

We are Monica and Peter and we are so grateful you've taken the time to glance into our lives. Many years ago, we were longing for children but struggling to get pregnant. After several rounds of fertility tests, we ultimately received a call from our doctor confirming we would not be able to get pregnant without fertility treatments. We were devastated at the time, felt peace about pursuing fertility treatments, but also felt strongly that the Lord was calling us to welcome a child into our home through adoption. We went the fertility treatment route first, and by the grace of God, we now have two young boys. We're crazy about our kids. Throughout all these years we have continued to feel the pull toward adoption, and now, here we are! We cannot wait to come alongside a birthmother and offer lifelong, unconditional love to her child with an open adoption if that's what she desires. We have been praying for this future adopted child for a long time, and now we pray we get to meet them soon.

Brandon and Brandy
About The Couple

Brandon and Brandy have been married 10 years and they are very eager to add a sweet miracle child to their family. We love to spend time with our families and attend church events. Brandon loves anything to do with music. From playing the bass, to playing the drums, to singing. Anything he can do that involves music that is his happy place. Brandy loves anything out doors, during the summer she is outside every chance she gets. As a couple they love to vacation at the beach in the summer then in the winter they love to go to the mountains. They just genuinely love spending time with each other and their families.

Brenton and Heather
About The Couple

We have always felt called to adopt, and passionate that families can be defined by LOVE as well as biology. We are grateful to be considered as you make such a loving decision for your baby.

*Links to our Instagram and Profile Book are in the "Letter" Section* =)

"Adventure is out there!"


Matt and Shae
About The Couple

We both attended Oklahoma State University and started dating after we graduated and moved back to our hometowns, in September 2011. On our second date we had a pizza baking competition, since Matt is the pizza connoisseur! Other favorite dates included going to museums, taking the dogs to dog parks, Thunder games, annual trip to the State Fair, and going to the local drive in movie. 

We were engaged in December 2013 on a ski trip. After discussing with Shae's mom how to do it, Matt decided he just couldn't wait any longer and proposed while our group was playing cards - right after Shae ate a blue sucker and had changed into her comfy clothes for the night. Shae's blue sucker caused her mouth to look like a Smurf, but love is blind! 

We were married on May 3, 2014 in the church that Shae grew up in and where we are now members. We asked our guests to wear orange, black or white and had Pistol Pete as a surprise guest at our reception!

Karsten was born in the crazy year that was 2020! Her birth mom choosing us to be her parents is truly a gift and an honor. Some of our favorite things to do as a family include going to OSU football games, visiting the zoo, and playing outside! 

Thank you for taking time to look through our family's profile. We know the magnitude of the decisions you're making right now, and although we do not know your name, we are praying that you are safe and healthy, and that you feel loved, supported and at peace.

With love,
Matt and Shae

Jonathan and Kendall
About The Couple

Our love for each other started from our love of horses. We met at a time in our lives when we both trained and showed horses alongside both of our families. Though we had known of each other, one day we fell in love as we discovered not only did we share the same interest but most importantly we shared the same values. We could tell from that moment that God had led us to each other. After dating for a year, Jonathan proposed in April and we got married in October 2016. We have been married for 7 years and still can say we are truly each others best friend.

Will and Julie
About The Couple

I would like to introduce you to our family. My name is Julie, and my wonderful husband's name is Will. I am 30 years old, and Will is 31 years old. We have been married for a little over eight years. Will and I met at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We had both grown up very involved in our churches, so it seems appropriate that we met at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry. We were friends for two years before we started dating. Will's kindness drew me to him. We dated and were engaged for a year and a half before getting married in 2015. Will and I love to travel, and some of our favorite places that we have visited are Spain and Portugal, the Grand Canyon, cruises to the Caribbean, and camping at State Parks, beaches, and other beautiful campgrounds around the Southeastern United States. We can't wait to share our love of travel and the world with a child. We spend a lot of our weekends going to football games, camping in our camper, hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, and spending time with family either in East Tennessee or Middle Tennessee. I love to capture family adventures and memories with my camera. Since I am a professional photographer, I love to take pictures while we travel and around the local area. I look forward to capturing precious memories of our adopted child as they grow up.

Angel and Kelly
About The Couple

We met while we were both in college.  There was an immediate connection. On our first date, we danced to country music for hours. We both love to laugh and be silly and watch funny sitcoms like The Office and Schitts Creek.  We share a passion for reading and like to discuss books.  We also are huge foodies and love to try new restaurants and cuisines. It quickly became evident that we were meant for each other and got married. Growing our family was not as easy as we expected, and we were faced with many losses and pregnancy complications along the way.  However, we have been blessed with two great kids.  Fast forward a few years and we feel led to complete our family through adoption.  We both have strong faith and raise our children to follow God. We try every day to set the example for them of love and compassion and model a healthy marriage.

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Adoption is a beautiful thing. However, it is also accompanied by sacrifice and sorrow. The sacrifice is one of the true representations of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalves. When a birth mom and birth father choose adoption, it is not out of abandonment or selfishness, it is out of love.

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Adoption is a Biblical concept, and it is one of the ways that our Heavenly Father describes our acceptance into His family. Below you can learn more about what the Bible says about adoption. You can also learn about adoption terminology as well as myths associated with adoption.

A Biblical Perspective

Most people don’t even realize that both Moses and Jesus were adopted. Two of the most influential figures in the Bible were actually adopted. God himself was adopted when Joseph became the father of Jesus. You are invited to take a look at what adoption looks like in the Bible and discover adoption from a Biblical perspective. Learn More


There are several terms related to adoption that you will hear as you navigate through the adoption process. This is a quick opportunity for you to learn about some of the more common terms and what they mean. Learn More

Myths of Adoption

It is surprising with all the adoption education and stories about adoption that are so prevalent today that adoption myths still exist. But they do. You may very well have heard of things about adoption that are not really true. Here is a chance for you to discover and learn about some common myths about adoption and what the truth is related to each myth. Learn More