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Harper 3 yr

Harper is so excited about meeting her new baby sibling! She talks about them all the time and prays for you and them every night. Harper loves to go swimming and to gymnastics. She loves to sing, dance, and read. She is adopted as well!




We met 10 years ago and have been married for 7 years. We met online and found a few ways we could have met before! We went to the same college and frequently had classes at the same time in the same building and went to the same conferences in high school for our extra curricular activity. Once we met though we quickly bonded over our love of board games. Today you can still find us playing games together with friends and family. Our favorite to play with family is Letter Jam since it’s a good one for any play level. We already have a list of games we are ready to play with kids including our childhood favorites like Sorry, Life, Clue, and more. We have a large extended family that all live within 20 minutes of us and we get together with both side weekly! We recently got back from an extended family airbnb trip to Broken Bow with some good family fun including too many smores to count and a kids train ride in the forest.  We love spending time in the evenings together usually at our local park and exploring our city on the weekends from splash pads to zoos. We love holiday traditions like 4th of July kids bike parade, Christmas volunteering, and huge birthday celebrations! We are excited to add a little one to our family and for them to be able to bond together over being adopted.  Harper is so excited talking about how good of a big sister she is going to be.  We hope this helps you get to know us and if you have questions hope to hear from you soon!

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ABOUT Robert

Robert is our strong leader according to Rachel. Robert grew up in Texas with memories of visiting his grandparent’s house for fun weekends with his cousins. Robert went to a university in Lubbock before transferring to a local university where he graduated with a degree in History. Robert has a tight group of friends that he has known for about 15 years through playing games together. Robert loves our evening traditions and playing blocks or hot wheels with Harper. Robert is excited to see another little one learn and grow and excited to show them how to play games in the future.


Robert’s Dad lives about 20 minutes away and loves hosting the family for pool days or backyard camping with a fire pit for marshmallows and a camper. Robert’s Mom lives about 20 minutes away with a fun backyard for digging in the dirt, gardening, and a special room for grandkid play with toys from Robert’s childhood.

Robert’s brother and his wife life about 20 minutes away and have a three year old and one year old. We get together for gymnastics class and brunch weekly. Robert’s sister lives 20 minutes away as well and is always helping to get the family together for family dinners and holiday fun!


Robert works in a financial company as an analyst.  Robert went to Texas Tech and UNT for his degree in history so he has a wealth of information and helping our children learn about the world.  Rachel is a manager of operations at a small company that feels like a family.  Rachel went to UNT and University of Pennsylvania.  We are so blessed to have careers that allow flexibility to focus on our family.  Rachel's job is great because we have family days to have fun with the family around DFW too like in this picture at the Texas Rangers game.


  • We have always loved playing board games from dating to now. Rachel mostly loves cooperative games and Robert loves a wide variety of games from cooperative to competitive, rpgs, Magic, and video games too.  We are looking forward to family game nights in the future together.
  • We love going to Galveston to relax for family vacations.
  • We want to emphasize reading heavily in our family to explore new places together as a family through read alouds during dinner to reading nightly before bed. We also both like to read including driving to work or around town through audiobooks.
  • We love walking outside after dinner and going to local parks. During this summer this occasionally includes an ice cream or snowcone for a fun evening treat. This past year we competed in a challenge to spend 500 hours outside and completed over 600 hours.
  • We enjoy our annual Halloween party and dressing up as a family for trick or treating. Our party is a lot of fun because we decorate our house with fun lights and decorations, eat fun Halloween food, and have fun games created by Robert like trying food from around the world and then throwing a dart at a world map to pick the country.
  • We also love Christmas and even more now with kids in the family. We host a family cookie decorating day where we also have Santa make an appearance which was a big hit this past year.
  • We like to build shoeboxes together as a family for Operation Christmas Child as a tradition since Rachel was in high school.
ABOUT Rachel

Rachel is nice, patient, and loving according to Robert. She grew up in Texas and enjoyed dance, gymnastics, teeball/softball, playing with neighborhood friends outside, swimming, and playing Mario Party with her siblings. Rachel went to a small high school where she got to volunteer in a local public elementary school and discovered her love of education. Rachel went to a local university and then went to a university in Philadelphia for her master’s degree. Rachel was able to be an elementary school teacher for a few years before moving into the financial industry where she is currently a manager of operations over a team of workforce analysts. Rachel enjoys attending church and volunteering in the nursery. Rachel also loves creating memories for our family from holiday traditions to evenings together making memories. Rachel is so excited to see a new little one join our family and see Harper be a big sister.


Rachel’s brother and his wife live about 20 minutes away with their three year old. We love to see them and all of Rachel’s side of the family on Friday evenings along with random park adventures. Rachel’s sister lives about 20 minutes away as well and loves to get together for fun adventures around the city. Rachel’s other sister and her husband live in New Mexico, but we get to see them often and go out to see them too!

  • We get to attend weekly family days with each side of our family. Rachel’s family on Friday evening for dinner and games. Robert’s family on Saturday morning for kid activities and brunch. This way we see Harper’s cousins every week!
  • We love watching tv in the evening together by watching Survivor, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Taskmaster, Great British Baking, and Psych.
  • Our go to week night dinner is Chicken Cesar Salad with lemon pepper chicken and home made croutons.

Harper is so excited about meeting her new baby sibling! She talks about them all the time and prays for you and them every night. Harper loves to go swimming and to gymnastics. She loves to sing, dance, and read. She is adopted as well!


We love our house near all of our extended family in a suburb in Texas. We picked this neighborhood since it’s near good schools and lots of families always outside playing. We have a park right down the street and driving distance to so many amazing parks! Our house is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house with lots of room to spread out. We picked this house specifically so we could have a playroom full of toys to have fun in. We also have a backyard filled with a swing set, play house, slide, water table, mud kitchen, sandbox, and plenty of room to run. We are also close to libraries, splash pads, water parks, kid play places, museums, zoos, aquariums, movie theaters, and so many fun things to do as a family!


We love adventuring around on weeknights and weekends!  Here is a sample of where you can find us throughout the week.  First a weeknight with my sisters for a girl's night with Harper included to a local park with a picnic.  Second, Friday grandparent day at Rachel's parent's house for a day of fun for Harper and then that evening we meet up at their house for a dinner with everyone from our 4 year old nephew to Rachel's 85 year old grandma for cards and playing bikes around their living room.  Third, Saturday morning gymnastics with Robert's mom coming to watch as well then heading to her house for brunch, playing with cool toys she finds, and playing in a backyard she crafted just for the grandkids from a large sandbox to a trapeze jungle gym over a play kitchen.  Fourth, Saturday adventures around DFW like a zoo, aquarium, hike, as much outside time as we can find! Fifth, Sunday volunteering at church, resting, and visiting Robert's Dad for a quick swim in his pool.  We love finding outdoor things to do and keep us active all weekend long.