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Robert and Jessica
About The Couple

      A ping pong table in a small Bible college in Pennsylvania is where it all began. Our friendship in the beginning laid the foundation for our relationship later and we got to know each other over games of ping pong. When we started studying together and spending more time with each other, we realized we had a strong connection. Rob thought Jessica was beautiful and fun to be around. Jessica admired how much Rob cared for his friends and family. It didn't take us long to see that we were meant to be together and have been inseparable ever since.

     Each day is a blessing as we spend time together doing the activities we love. Walking around local theme parks, visiting the beach, and meeting up with Rob's family are some of our favorite things. Jessica enjoys cooking healthy meals, and Rob helps out around the house. An evening walk around the neighborhood is a nice way to catch up and enjoy nature. We plan weekly outings and look forward to our annual summer vacations. It will be a joy to have our little one in our lives!

Raymond (RJ) and Elisia
About The Couple

We have know each other since the late 90's through mutual friends. We started dating in 2005, were engaged in 2007, and got married in 2008. We are active and enjoying the great outdoors. We especially enjoy getting out to do some fishing and atving when we get a chance.  

We adopted our son in 2020 and have an open adoption with his birth family.  This includes in person visits, video chats, and messaging back and forth with pictures/videos and updates.

Kenny and Abby
About The Couple

Hello! Our family lives in a suburb outside Washington, DC and we have two biological daughters - we are very excited to add to our family through adoption! We have been happily married for nine years and are best friends who enjoy traveling together to places both near and far. We are a family who doesn't like to sit still and is always on the move! We are energized by adventure, powered by ice cream, and firmly committed to following Christ and raising our children to love Him and love others. Come explore our profile to learn more of who we are! 

Sean and Jeanette
About The Couple

Hi mommas! We are Sean and Jeanette, high school sweethearts who have been married since 2010 and live in Texas with our 3 children and 2 sweet doggies. We are a Christian family and have always been interested in adoption but have not been able to adopt until recently. We are praying for each of you and are hoping that we can provide a great home for a baby girl who can be a beloved daughter and sister. We are working with an agency that can do adoptions in Texas or Arizona and will provide no cost counseling to you if we match. 

If you want to learn more about us, here is a link to a youtube video with our adoption book. We are so eager to learn more about you and see if we would be a good fit for you and your precious baby!

Brian and Ashley
About The Couple

Our story began in 2009, under the South Texas sky, where our relationship took flight. Brian was a persistent, charming pilot and Ashley a soon-to-be nurse who quickly found their futures intertwined over coffee and endless conversation.

As Brian soared through his pilot training, our hearts embarked on a journey of their own, mastering the skies of long-distance love. The distance only deepened our bond, and in 2010, a leap of faith brought Ashley to Arkansas, closing the miles between us. Our love took flight, and in 2012 amidst the tropical whispers of Punta Cana, we promised forever to each other.

Our adventures have led us through the vibrant streets of Little Rock to the sparkling lights of Las Vegas, the lush vineyards of Napa, and the welcoming warmth of Houston. Each city a chapter in our shared journey, a story we hope to continue writing with an open heart and home for another.

Brian’s bond with our daughter is a testament to the love and guidance he offers as a father. Addison shares her dad’s passion for flight, and always gets very excited when we announce an upcoming family trip.

Ashley, the heart of our home, brings care and joy to every moment. Her nurturing touch ensures that laughter fills our days and each family memory is painted with perfection.

In our quiet moments, we find solace in each other’s company, whether we’re wrapped in the embrace of a good movie, the camaraderie of game night, or the excitement of planning our next family journey.

Dave and Ashley
About The Couple

Hello! We're Dave and Ashley!

We met in a college class when we were assigned to do a group project together. We began dating a few months later. A week after our first date, Dave found out he was going to be deployed after graduation. We spent a year communicating through emails and video chats. We married a few months after he came home. We've now been married over ten years and our life together continues to be an adventure. Dave finished his military career and is now an ICU nurse. Ashley is a junior high/high school teacher. We have two children, Audrey and Bryce, and love spending time together as a family.

Corbin and Ashlee
About The Couple

Hello! We are Corbin and Ashlee Hackett. We have been together for fifteen years. We unforturnately aren't able to have biological chirldren so we felt that God moved us to adoption and we are so excited. We have been in the adoption process since 2020. We have four nieces and two nephews that we are very close to and involved heavily in their lives. We pray to have our own (adopted) children to add into the crazy mix with all the cousins. We are praying for you and the baby and hope this reaches your heart.

Joseph and Krista
About The Couple

HI we are Joe and Krista. We have been together since 2014. We met while working together at Walmart. We then got married in 2019. The date is a very special one for us. We got married on Krista's grandparents 50the wedding anniversary. Not only is it there anniversary but also Krista's parents, and also aunt and uncle. 

Jason and Katie
About The Couple

We are potential parents who love living life and want to share that love with your child. We have love in our hearts for God, first - family, next and from there it extends into our community. Marriage, to us, means working hard daily showing our love to each other. It helps that we both share a deep faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. We exist with Him at the center of our lives. One of the things for which we pray daily is that God would bless us with a child. It does not look like this will happen biologically but, with God’s help, it may through adoption. We look forward to pouring our love out to a baby boy or girl, sharing all that we have with them. We especially look forward to helping them grow up knowing how much God loves them and the wonderful things He has in store for their lives.

We want to grow as a family through adoption. We respect all children’s uniqueness and believe that each has been created intentionally by Our Lord. The two of us often find ourselves in lively interaction with the children of our extended family and in our circle of friends. During these conversations, we both learn from the youngsters as well as share lessons we have learned in life..

John and Alisa
About The Couple

Hello, we are John and Alisa Rachan.

We met in Spanish class in college at Olivet Nazarene University. We were acquaintances at first, but reconnected after graduation. John reached out to Alisa to get together since he worked at an engineering company close to where she lived. During college, she had a crush on him from afar, so instantly accepted the invitation to dinner. We spent 3 hours talking that evening and felt as if we had known each other for years. Alisa then went to live in Mexico City to do missions work with her nursing degree for a year. God was always working during this time, however, and we reconnected once again after she returned. We started dating a few months later, were engaged after 6 months of dating and married 9 months later. 

We have 2 children: Eliana, who was adopted, is 4 years old, and Ava, who is biological, is 3 years old. We have always desired to have a large family and first considered building it through biological means and later through adoption. However, when we struggled getting pregnant and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility early in our marriage, we decided to pursue adoption instead of extensive medical treatments. Eliana’s name means God has provided, and we truly feel that her life was an answer to our prayers in many ways. We have an open adoption with her birth family, and we are so blessed by this relationship. Ava was a surprise gift from the Lord as well, when we did not think that we could conceive. She was born to us about 6 months after Eliana was born. Her name means breath of life, and we are thankful for her life and for the friendship that our two daughters have with one another. They are truly best friends. We have been trying to grow our family for a few years now and are feeling led to pursue adoption once again because of secondary infertility and because of the joy that adoption has brought to us already. 

Together as a family, we enjoy playing in our backyard, going to parks and meeting other young families, going on walks/bike rides, exploring the outdoors, doing bonfires, playing board games, and hosting friends and family in our home regularly. 

In our lives, there have been both trials and joys. Through it all, we have seen God's faithfulness to provide for us and give us His peace. We are eager to participate once again in the beautiful gift of adoption because we also have been adopted as children into God's family. We hope to provide the best possible loving and caring home for another child, and will strive to teach our children to love the Lord, to be kind and compassionate to others, and to cherish every moment that God gives us. 

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Several myths related to adoption often interfere with birth mothers, birth families, and prospective parents pursuing adoption. It is essential to learn about adoption from various perspectives and understand the challenges and blessings available to those going through adoption. Here are some myths along with the truths that should be explored:

Myth #1 –

The birth mother will regret her decision for the rest of her life: Adoption is so painful that most women regret the choice all their lives. A birth mother who chooses adoption will have serious emotional problems; adoption is a more traumatic experience for a woman than abortion.

Fact #1 –

For the birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, making an adoption plan can be a very positive choice. Adoption does involve a significant loss for her, and it will probably be accompanied by sorrow. However, any option she chooses involves some gain and some loss. For some, the decision is more challenging than expected, and for others, they know it is the right thing all along. Counseling, adoption support groups, and supportive family members often make the grieving process much easier to manage.

Overall, women who have placed a child in adoption do very well, moving on to good jobs, continued education, marriage, and having children within that marriage. When the adoption experience is handled properly, most birth mothers feel good about their decision years later.

Myth #2 –

Birth mothers are uncaring and soon forget about their babies. A birth mother who cares about her child would not think of adoption; adoption is an irresponsible solution. Pregnant women who choose adoption take the easy way out. A birth mother will eventually forget about the child she placed in adoption.

Fact #2 –

Birth parents are making loving parenting decisions when they plan adoptions. Birth parents who make adoption plans fulfill their parenting responsibilities to ensure their child’s long-term needs are met in the best possible way. To do this, they must put their child’s needs above their own – a sign of maturity, responsibility, and selflessness. Adoption is by no means taking the easy way out. It is a difficult decision, and women, especially, need to be supported in this decision by those around them.

Some young women facing unplanned pregnancies have found it helpful to learn about adoption firsthand through a birth parent who has been through the process. Birth mothers never forget their children. They always hold a special place in their hearts.

Myth #3 –

Adoption damages the child. Adopted children are not well-adjusted; have mental health problems; are damaged by the experience; grow up to have serious psychological problems; feel bitter or rejected.

Fact #3 –

Most adopted children do well in life. Numerous studies have been undertaken on adopted children, teens, and adults. What these studies have shown is that adoptees:

  • Benefited from lots of support from their family, friends, and others
  • Were involved in many positive, structured activities such as sports, music, church programs, and community organizations
  • Saw themselves as strong as their peers in personal identity and self-esteem
  • Showed high levels of caring values and behaviors, such as volunteering

Myth #4 –

Most adoptive parents are unfit. Adoptive parents are not as fit to raise a child as their biological parents; no one can love a child as much as a birth parent; God is punishing childless couples, or He is sending a message that they should not be parents; adoptive parents are abusive.

Fact #4 –

Adoptive parents are as fit and capable as any cross-section of biological parents. TV shows have often portrayed adoptive parents as cruel and unfeeling, and abusive adoptive parents seem to make headlines in the newspapers.

Actually, adoptive parents are screened more carefully and are more mature (usually older) on the whole than parents who have children biologically. They really want to be parents, or they would not be willing to go through the many things necessary to adopt. Research shows that their children turn out just as well as non-adopted children.

While we must not downplay the tragedy of child abuse, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that it occurs particularly or even frequently in adoptive families. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary. Biological children face as much or more abuse than adopted children. Abuse due to adoption is a dangerous myth that needlessly perpetuates birth parents’ worries and often deters them from considering adoption at all.

There are many examples of parents who have built their families through adoption. The overwhelming majority cannot imagine loving a child or children more than the ones God has given them through adoption.

Myth #5 –

The adoption process is secretive. A birth mother will never know anything about her child and his or her adoptive parents; adoptive parents know very little about their child’s background; birth parents have no say in the choice of adoptive parents.

Fact #5 –

Today’s adoption process seeks to share information on a level that will benefit all involved – birth parents, adoptive parents, and most importantly, the child. Virtually all agencies today consult with birth parents to determine what type of family they would select. Many agencies provide the birth parents with family profiles from which to choose. A birth mother can request pictures, letters, and mementos to be shared for a time after the placement of their child occurs. Adoption today is very open, and the amount of contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents and their child is worked out individually.

Today it is rare for a child not to be aware of how he came into his family. The agonizing over “telling a child he is adopted” of days past seems to have led to the myth that adoption was something bad to talk about. Today, details of how a child came into a family are shared from day one in age-appropriate ways that stress love, permanence, and respect for birth parents who made such a difficult and loving choice to give their child a family.

Adapted from Pierson, Anne and Ring, June, “Five Myths About Adoption,” Loving & Caring