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William and Kensi
About The Couple
We met at church and started playing board games with our friends and we often flirted across the table. We had the same sense of humor and we were both very competitive. After a year, we had our first date, a perfect picnic at the lake! A few months later, we flew to Liam’s hometown to meet his family. During that trip a blizzard began and our flight home got canceled. So, we did the sensible thing to do, and rented a small car to drive 20 hours through a blizzard. We tested our relationship on that long drive home while sliding on the road and running on no sleep. We realized from that trip and other dates that we were made for each other. Which led to our marriage. Then, we discovered we were pregnant! Kensi had a difficult pregnancy. We knew we wanted another child, but we wanted to look into other ways. This brought us to adoption. We know the love that Christ has for all his children. We are very involved in our church and close to our small group. We often are with them playing board games, roasting s’mores, or playing with our kids together. We love to go hiking, camping, anything outdoorsy, traveling, eating and making good food, and spending time together.
Nick and Melanie
About The Couple

We recently attended a “marriage night” at our church, and we were asked to define our “superpower.” We chose the word “perseverance.” We have been through a lot together, but our faith in Christ has been our firm foundation through it all. We have been incredibly blessed in ways would could never have imagined, and we have also leaned on God for strength during times of loss, waiting, and unexpected difficulties. But through each season, we are so grateful for the love we have for each other, and even more for our faith in God, who is strong when we are not.

When we were first introduced by a mutual friend at dinner one night, little did we know all that God had planned for us. We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary. We have supported one another through late nights of studying as we were completing our degrees and celebrated graduations and job offers. We have danced together at many weddings, but we have also cried together at funerals. We have held hands in hospital rooms and nursed each other back to health. We have been isolated together in quarantine (and as it turns out, we really do enjoy each other’s company!). We have poured each other more morning cups of coffee than we can count. We have laughed together almost every single day. We have prayed through it all, and we cannot wait for the next adventure.

Austin and Kassadi
About The Couple

We both work in the agriculture industry and while we would have likely run into each other at some point, the timing couldn’t have been more divine. At the time, we had a few mutual friends who were trying to play ‘match-maker,’ and it wasn’t until I was assigned a new territory and walked into a particular ag retailer that I met Austin. I remember him having a hard time coming up with the words to say when I walked in because of course, neither of us expected to meet each other but we both knew about each other because of the whole ‘match-making’ bit.

Austin asked me on a date THREE times before I finally relented. The third time, he invited me to the lake, and being from northeast Oklahoma where lakes are abundant, I was convinced this part of Texas didn’t have lakes so I really only said yes because I missed home and missed being out on the lake. We had instant chemistry and fell for each other pretty quickly. The first time we ever went out to lunch, for a work meeting, he says he left that meeting and told his co-worker that he could listen to me talk for the rest of his life. We didn’t immediately date. In fact, we went on a few dates and then stopped abruptly, but months later we reconnected and as they say, the rest is history.


Austin proposed in May 2017, during the busiest season of our careers – cotton planting season! Even though the day didn’t go as planned and I ended up hauling seed during the time Austin intended to propose, it was still a night we will never forget, and now we have the most hilarious story to tell when people ask about our engagement. We wouldn’t trade it for anything. Well, maybe Austin would. He was awfully stressed out that night. 

It’s hard to believe we’ve been together for nearly 9 years and married for almost 6. Time has really flown by and each and every day in our marriage is so much fun. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, you can count on us to be the life of the party and always down to have a good time. We love laughing and creating memories together. We recently remodeled our current home together that we purchased originally as an investment property, and while we did that we lived in our motorhome with our dogs for 6 months. I feel like that is a great test of a relationship, not to mention, the home remodel. We only grew closer during that time and really learned that we don’t value ‘stuff’ much and we’d rather have the time and finances to create memories and travel together.


David and Rachel
About The Couple

I, Rachel, was born and raised by my precious parents in middle Tennessee. My dad worked in human resources for most of my childhood, and my mom worked in our family home, caring for my sister and me. My older sister Michele is married and has three young boys in addition to three stepchildren. Three of the six children have joined our family through the great gift of adoption. Our nephews and niece have been a blessing to us and are true examples of how beautiful adoption truly is. My sister and I were raised in a Christian home and were taught about having a personal relationship with Jesus, which is what I cherish the most. I have many special memories from my childhood. My family and I also enjoyed taking summer vacations to a lake in middle Tennessee. It was during these summer vacations that so many wonderful memories were made. Today, I enjoy baking for family and friends. It’s important to me to love those precious people the Lord has placed in my life. One really great way for me to spend time with the Lord is by creating things that give Him glory. It’s this creativity that has me constantly working on a wide range of creative activities. I often create things that allow me to include scripture. It’s a way to encourage others to remain focused on the Word of God and His love for all of us. The Lord has me in a season of life where I am called to really be a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer.


Matthew grew up in East Tennessee. In addition, he was raised by wonderful parents who taught him to love and serve Jesus Christ. While his father was an engineer, his mother worked at home, caring for Matthew and his siblings. Marie, Matthew's younger sister, is married with two stepchildren. Her stepson and his wife recently gave birth to a baby girl, making Marie a grandmother. Additionally, Matthew has a younger married brother. He and his wife have a one-year-old boy, and they will soon be adding to their family through another pregnancy. Matthew was involved in a variety of sports as a child. Basketball, baseball, and track were the three sports that captured his interest the most. Like me, he was heavily involved in church and grew up serving the Lord. Matthew also enjoys the creative side of things. He uses his interest in computers to create digital products that glorify the Lord, all while encouraging those who make up the Kingdom of God. He loves to serve others and has a heart for those who need a helping hand. His heart for people is one of the qualities that I love so much about him.

Thomas and Crissy
About The Couple

Our names are Crissy and Thomas. Crissy is a pediatric nurse and Thomas is a former police officer and current first responder for 9-1-1. The thing we want most in this world is to have a family. We have been married for nine years, and we did fertility treatments for the first six of them. We were originally introduced in 2007 and over the next few years were introduced by a few more. We finally decided to give it a shot. We got married in November 2013, Over the next several years of medical intervention, treatments and one lost pregnancy it was discovered that Crissy had unexplained infertility. We still have the dream to start a family. We know that families are made in many different ways and we are hopeful that our family is still out there. We truly feel as though God has led us to adoption, and we hope and pray that this will finally be our opportunity to create our family.

Casey and Karen
About The Couple

We met in 2007 at Grace Christian University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After filling out an "Application to date my daughter" for her dad, we started dating and quickly fell for each other. We got married on May 29th, 2010 in Seattle, Washington in the church where Casey was raised. After a 6 month internship in Phoenix, AZ, and a final semester in college for Casey, he was offered a full-time position as the Associate Pastor of Youth Ministry at Mountain View Bible Church in Post Falls, ID. 

We moved to Post Falls in 2011 and haven’t looked back. We love the family we have at the church, especially since our families don’t live nearby. We have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in many ways including hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, disc golf, and much more. We also enjoy regular time together as a family playing card games and board games at home, throwing a football or kicking a soccer ball at the park, and traveling to visit our families.

We wanted to have a family soon after we got married, but God has been teaching us to wait on his timing. After 5 years of marriage, we adopted our son Landon at birth on November 20th, 2015. He has brought so much joy into our lives, and his story is truly incredible. We are beyond blessed to be his parents. Now we look forward to the day that we can bring another little life into our family to love and protect.

Brendon and Amanda
About The Couple

We met in 2013 at a birthday party for a mutual friend. After a brief introduction, I went home and “stalked” Brendon on Facebook. After looking through his profile and thinking he was the cutest guy I had ever seen, I quickly added him as a friend. A week later he sent me a message and asked me on a date. The rest is history! We dated for two and a half years before we got engaged. Brendon surprised me by having our entire family waiting for us at dinner after he proposed and then surprised me again after dinner by having an engagement party with all of our friends waiting to celebrate. Brendon always goes above and beyond to make me feel special and he pulled out all of the stops for our engagement. We were married on February 6, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Our wedding was the most memorable day of our lives. We celebrated our love for each other surrounded by all of the love of our family and friends. It was truly unforgettable! Since our big day, we have been through some highs and lows, but through it all, we have become stronger. We live each day together as a team and as best friends. We work to encourage one another daily, we respect and value each other’s opinions, and we do and we do a lot of laughing which helps to make our days bright!

Bradley and Jerica
About The Couple

We are Brad and Jerica. We have been married for 11 years. We have three boys; Owen, Briggs and Benny. We are delighted to open our home up to adoption because we believe the Lord has invited us to love another child. These three boys are over the moon excited to welcome another sibling to our family. Brad works as an engineer. He gets to work part time remotely at home and part time in his local office. We homeschool our children and Jerica is a stay at home mom and the primary educator of the kids. We live on 5 acres in the country near our church, friends, and and family.  Our family enjoys spending outside and exploring the world God has made. We are deeply connected to our family and friends. We have more support than we could ask or imagine as we grow as a family. We hope to talk to you soon! 

Bobby and Kristine
About The Couple

We are a faithful couple who desire nothing more than to do Our Heavenly Father's will. We are fun, creative, outgoing and prayerful. We try to our best to serve God in many ways, always putting God and family first. We live life to its fullest and do so by embracing God's creation, living a healthy lifestyle, fostering healthy relationships, and engaging in adventures! We enjoy the beauty of simplicity and because of this we are always happy. 

Dakota and Jordan
About The Couple

We have been married for 12 years, and we have two amazing, biological daughters. Kenlee is 8 years old, and Taylor is 6. We have always dreamed of having a house full of kids, but when we tried to conceive our third child we began suffering recurrent miscarriages. We have endured 7 miscarriages in the last 2 years with the latest being at 14 weeks gestation. We’ve sought treatment from fertility doctors, but the cause of our losses remains a mystery. Our infertility journey has been heartbreaking, but we believe God has good plans for our family (AND FOR YOURS TOO)! We feel strongly that God has led us to adoption to grow our family.

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The journey through infertility can be taxing and exhaustive. Unfortunately, the journey to grow your family through adoption may not be much different. We want to make it easy for you to find the information you need to better understand how adoption might be the answer for your expanding family.

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Believe it or not, a birth mother often sees you as heroes. She is looking for a hope and a future that she can give to her baby that she is not able to provide herself. It can be quite humbling when you realize what you mean to her.

Below is a series of articles you can explore to learn more about adoption and the blessing it can be to you, her, and her baby.

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Home Study

One of the things you will need is a home study. This article helps you understand what to expect in this process. Don’t fret, home studies are not about white gloves and dust in your home. Learn More

Financial Resources

Let’s be candid adopting a child is going to be expensive. This article examines some of the avenues you might find help and assistance. Learn More

Potential Risk Factors

A birth mom may choose adoption and then change her mind as the birth and adoption approach. This article helps you evaluate factors that increase the chances you might change her mind. Learn More