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Jonathan and Kendall
About The Couple

Our love for each other started from our love of horses. We met at a time in our lives when we both trained and showed horses alongside both of our families. Though we had known of each other, one day we fell in love as we discovered not only did we share the same interest but most importantly we shared the same values. We could tell from that moment that God had led us to each other. After dating for a year, Jonathan proposed in April and we got married in October 2016. We have been married for 7 years and still can say we are truly each others best friend.

Brian and Minela
About The Couple

We met thirteen years ago through a friend who invited both of us to hang out at the same event. When Brian arrived, he called his friend to locate her, and Minela happened to be holding the friend’s phone when it rang which kicked off our journey.

We quickly became friends, started dating, and soon engaged. After a few years of dating and moving around the country, we married in a small courthouse in Texas. We are best friends and use every day to experience life to the fullest. We have always wanted to start a family and when it didn’t happen naturally, we looked towards IVF and now adoption.

Minela is outgoing and loves to be around people and making new friends. She is caring and loving which can be seen when she is interacting with anyone but especially with her nieces and nephews. She loves dogs and animals. She was born overseas and moved from Croatia to the United States when she was 8 years old with her parents and brother and sister. They were all refugees of war. Not being able to speak or understand English, they made America their new home which shows her strength in overcoming obstacles. It took her only 6 months to learn the English language and she is good at spelling but somehow, always gets beat by Brian at Scrabble which we both love to play. We are both competitive.

Brian is also outgoing but also enjoys being home and spending time with Minela and their dog, Harley. He loves watching college football and his favorite team is Florida Gators, which is also why his favorite colors are orange and blue. He loves to stay active with exercise or being outside. He really enjoys his job in engineering and the travel that comes along with it; he has been to Canada, Mexico, New York, California, and Las Vegas to name a few. His favorite weekend activity, besides football, is taking our dog to the park for a walk. It’s become a tradition. Brian is a very courageous, hardworking, loving person. He goes above and beyond in everything he does and does everything in his power to make sure his family is happy and well taken care of.

Together, we have so much love to give and can’t wait to share that love with your child.

Aaron and Elizabeth
About The Couple
William and Kensi
About The Couple
We met at church and started playing board games with our friends and we often flirted across the table. We had the same sense of humor and we were both very competitive. After a year, we had our first date, a perfect picnic at the lake! A few months later, we flew to Liam’s hometown to meet his family. During that trip a blizzard began and our flight home got canceled. So, we did the sensible thing to do, and rented a small car to drive 20 hours through a blizzard. We tested our relationship on that long drive home while sliding on the road and running on no sleep. We realized from that trip and other dates that we were made for each other. Which led to our marriage. Then, we discovered we were pregnant! Kensi had a difficult pregnancy. We knew we wanted another child, but we wanted to look into other ways. This brought us to adoption. We know the love that Christ has for all his children. We are very involved in our church and close to our small group. We often are with them playing board games, roasting s’mores, or playing with our kids together. We love to go hiking, camping, anything outdoorsy, traveling, eating and making good food, and spending time together.
Samuel and Casey
About The Couple
We are Sam and Casey and Julia! We have been blessed with the most amazing family and we can't wait to grow it even more. Sam and Casey have the same birthday (same day, same year!) and on our shared 30th birthday, we got the call to adopt and bring home our first daughter (Julia). That was the most amazing day of their lives but now we want nothing more than to adopt again to complete our family. We love each other, love our friends and family and love what the Lord is doing in our lives through adoption.
Matt and Shae
About The Couple

We both attended Oklahoma State University and started dating after we graduated and moved back to our hometowns, in September 2011. On our second date we had a pizza baking competition, since Matt is the pizza connoisseur! Other favorite dates included going to museums, taking the dogs to dog parks, Thunder games, annual trip to the State Fair, and going to the local drive in movie. 

We were engaged in December 2013 on a ski trip. After discussing with Shae's mom how to do it, Matt decided he just couldn't wait any longer and proposed while our group was playing cards - right after Shae ate a blue sucker and had changed into her comfy clothes for the night. Shae's blue sucker caused her mouth to look like a Smurf, but love is blind! 

We were married on May 3, 2014 in the church that Shae grew up in and where we are now members. We asked our guests to wear orange, black or white and had Pistol Pete as a surprise guest at our reception!

Karsten was born in the crazy year that was 2020! Her birth mom choosing us to be her parents is truly a gift and an honor. Some of our favorite things to do as a family include going to OSU football games, visiting the zoo, and playing outside! 

Thank you for taking time to look through our family's profile. We know the magnitude of the decisions you're making right now, and although we do not know your name, we are praying that you are safe and healthy, and that you feel loved, supported and at peace.

With love,
Matt and Shae

Robert and Rachel
About The Couple

We met 10 years ago and have been married for 7 years. We met online and found a few ways we could have met before! We went to the same college and frequently had classes at the same time in the same building and went to the same conferences in high school for our extra curricular activity. Once we met though we quickly bonded over our love of board games. Today you can still find us playing games together with friends and family. Our favorite to play with family is Letter Jam since it’s a good one for any play level. We already have a list of games we are ready to play with kids including our childhood favorites like Sorry, Life, Clue, and more. We have a large extended family that all live within 20 minutes of us and we get together with both side weekly! We recently got back from an extended family airbnb trip to Broken Bow with some good family fun including too many smores to count and a kids train ride in the forest.  We love spending time in the evenings together usually at our local park and exploring our city on the weekends from splash pads to zoos. We love holiday traditions like 4th of July kids bike parade, Christmas volunteering, and huge birthday celebrations! We are excited to add a little one to our family and for them to be able to bond together over being adopted.  Harper is so excited talking about how good of a big sister she is going to be.  We hope this helps you get to know us and if you have questions hope to hear from you soon!

Jerry and Meagan
About The Couple

We have been married almost 9 years and together for 14. We met through mutual friends at a restaurant shortly after Meagan moved to Dallas. We were both there to watch a football game and Jerry gave up his seat facing the TV so that Meagan could see the TV screen. His kindness immediately sparked Meagan’s attention. We ended the evening playing pool and really hit it off. We dated for 5 years as Jerry went back to school to pursue a second Bachelors degree. As soon as he graduated, he popped the question in the living room of Meagan’s apartment. We got married 7 months later at a bed and breakfast located in downtown Dallas. Our ceremony was small and intimate and Jerry’s best friend since elementary school officiated our wedding.

We welcomed our daughter, Claire Victoria, in 2019 after years of infertility and we thank God every day for her. Watching her grow, hearing her laugh, and teaching her things brings us so much joy. We so look forward to sharing those same experiences with another child one day!

Our relationship has always been fun and easy. We are truly partners and best friends, as cliché as it may sound. We love each others company and just about everything we do, we do together. We have had our share of hardships, like battling infertility, losing our son and Meagan’s brother, but we lean on each other for support and it has made our relationship stronger. We are committed to one another and to our family for a lifetime.

Dan and Rebekah
About The Couple

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.  We are Dan and Rebekah and we met at a Christian Camp that we both worked at in Wisconsin.  Rebekah was immediately drawn to Dan's smile and fun personality.  Dan was attracted to Rebekah's beauty and kindness.  We were able to work a few weekends together and spent time getting to know each other.  We were married in March of 2006 on a chilly, Spring day surrounded by family and friends.  We honeymooned in Hawaii, a place we had always wanted to go to. We hope to return one day with our daughter. 

Throughout our time together we have been growing and helping each other to be better people.  It has always been our desire to have children, and we prayed for this for some time.  We always knew that we would adopt one day and when we weren't able to get pregnant, we decided to pursue adoption rather than infertility treatment.  After 12 years of marriage God blessed us with our daughter Eliana through the gift of adoption.  We both feel as if God has laid out this direction as the best plan to build our family.  We are so excited to be growing our family this way again!  We would love to learn about you and your wishes for your child.  You are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope to meet you soon! 

Daniel and Rochelle
About The Couple

We are each other’s missing piece, extremely different but alike in so many ways! We met through a dating app when Daniel gave it one last shot before deleting the app and coincidentally was Rochelle’s first match. The timing was meant to be! We hit it off immediately and started dating in early 2019. Daniel proposed in 2020 in Florida at Marco Island when we were walking along the beach. He had asked a kind stranger to take a picture of us on the beach but quietly asked her to record everything. After posing for the picture, Daniel got down on one knee. We were married a year later right after everything open up after Covid. It was a small intimate wedding on the beach in Key Largo, Florida. Rochelle’s Grandma was the flower girl and our pup was our ring bearer.

Getting married when we were older helped us start our relationship strong because we knew who we really were. Our life experiences helped shape us into adults who know to communicate effectively and appropriately. We are able to truly understand each other and tell each other what we need in our relationship. We are both hard workers and love to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

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It is quite possible that you are just getting started on your adoption journey and you have a calling to adopt internationally. That calling may be for a specific country or it may just be a calling for an orphan somewhere in the world.

In either case, you may be asking questions about the number of children adopted internationally. You might be asking which country accounts for the most adoptions? You might want to know how many children are adopted from the country you are interested in?

According to the US State Department in 2007, here is a list of the countries that accounted for the most international adoptions within the United States:

China – 5453

Guatemala – 4,728

Russia – 2,310

Ethiopia – 1,255

South Korea – 939

Vietnam – 828

Ukraine 606

Kazakhstan – 540

India – 416

Liberia – 353

Colombia – 310

Philippines – 265

These numbers and the probabilities of available adoptions change over the years as governments change their adoption policies to protect children. You may also visit the US State Department website to check on other countries that are less popular.

Because a country of interest is not listed here, does not mean that adopting from that country is not possible. This is just a list of some of the most common countries for adoption into the United States.