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We have been married for 10 years. We met while in college and got married shortly after. We are major dog people. Currently, we have 3 fur babies and spoil them rotten. While at home, we enjoy plaing card games, listening to music, cooking and working in the yard together. For date nights, we like to go to the movie theater, eating at our favorite restaurants, attending concerts or occasionally singing kareoke. Our favorite past time is spending time with our friends and family. We are blessed to live close to the majority of our family. Our friends are also very important to us and play a supportive role in our life together. 

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Axel loves sports, games and really anything he can compete at. He enjoys being challenged and overcoming difficult tasks. He has a firy and passionate personality but deep down, he's just a big teddy bear. Even though Axel likes to get out and try new things, he's most comfotable and happy at home. His ideal day is sleeping in, making breakfast, taking the dogs on a walk, going to catch a movie and then grilling steaks for dinner. Axel is a successful mangager at work and definitely takes his career seriously, but at home he is a major goofball. He loves his family and spending much of his free time with them.  

ABOUT Christa

Christa loves animals and nature. She has a major green thumb and enjoys tending to her vegetable garden and indoor plants. She loves to be cooking a meal in the kitchen, realize she needs a pepper, tomato or something and then running to her backyard and picking an ingredient fresh. Music is also very important to her. She has her favorite artists, but loves coming across new up and coming ones. Christa has a laid back personality but can definitely be sassy at times. Christa loves trying new things with her family and friends. Her ideal day is to wake up without an alarm, grab brunch with girlfriends, go thrifting, jog around the park, and then cozy up to Axel and her dogs on the couch and watch a new movie.   


Axel was raised by his mother, Cindy, and father, Kelly. He is the oldest of 2 kids. His sister is 2 years younger and named Rebekah. Rebekah is married to Connor and has 2 kids of her own. A son named Felix and daughter named Skylar. Axel and Rebekah have remained close through adulthood. Kelly enjoys retirement by helping with grandkids, polishing up his sports car and joking around with Axel. Cindy is a retired nurse who loves to cook, sew and spoil Felix and Skylar. 

Christa was raised by her mother, Jan, and father, Allen. Her parents are divorced but her stepparents are great. Her mother is remmarried to a farmer named Gary, and her father is remmarried to a realator named Carla. Christa is the oldest of 3 kids. She has 2 younger brothers named Ben and Joe. Ben is married to Jayme and Joe has a girlfriend named Gracie. Jan is the director of assessment at SWOSU, Christa and Axel both went to college. Allen works in marketing for Caring Hearts hospice.  


Axel graduated college with his bachelor's degree in 2013. He now works for a uniform rental company as a service and sales manager. Christa graduated from college with her bachelor's degree in 2015. She then worked as a first grade teacher. After a few years, Christa went back to college and got her nursing degree. She now works as an RN.


Christa and Axel have similar interests, but also have their own hobbies as well. Axel loves to golf and fish. A couple times a year, Axel and some of his friends will go on weekend fishing trips. He usually ends up bringing loads fish home that we use for our family fish fries. Axel is also very interested in sports. He keeps up with the OU Sooners and Las Vegas Raiders. 

Christa loves to read. She typically reads one a week. She also loves planting and growing things, both decorative plants/flowers and produce. Her favorite veggie to harvest is squash. She also loves to travel. Christa enjoys vacationing with Axel, going on girl's trip with friends or flying around with her mom.

Together, Christa and Axel love animals and spending time with their pets. They also love cooking together. Christa does more of the stove top and baking, while Axel loves to grill. Music is another big interest of theirs. Axel's favorites are rock and country, and Christa loves pop, oldies and folk music. They love finding new music and sharing it with each other. 


We live in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Yukon, Oklahoma. We have a simple style with warm toned furniture, decorations and fixtures. We have some indoor plants that we use as decor along with books and pictures. We love hosting our friends and family at our house, so we try to have plenty of seating. 


We live very blessed and busy lives. Our calendars tend to fill up quick with days spent with family, friends, events and vacations. We do, however, enjoy weekends with just each other and our dogs. When the weather is nice, we like to shop around together, work in the yard or take the dogs to the park. If it's not nice out, we will lock ourselves in and binge movies all day.