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      A ping pong table in a small Bible college in Pennsylvania is where it all began. Our friendship in the beginning laid the foundation for our relationship later and we got to know each other over games of ping pong. When we started studying together and spending more time with each other, we realized we had a strong connection. Rob thought Jessica was beautiful and fun to be around. Jessica admired how much Rob cared for his friends and family. It didn't take us long to see that we were meant to be together and have been inseparable ever since.

     Each day is a blessing as we spend time together doing the activities we love. Walking around local theme parks, visiting the beach, and meeting up with Rob's family are some of our favorite things. Jessica enjoys cooking healthy meals, and Rob helps out around the house. An evening walk around the neighborhood is a nice way to catch up and enjoy nature. We plan weekly outings and look forward to our annual summer vacations. It will be a joy to have our little one in our lives!

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ABOUT Robert

Meet Rob by Jessica

     Rob is a loving and fun husband, brother, son, and uncle. He truly cares for his family and puts our needs above his own. There is no doubt in my mind that Rob will make the most incredible dad as he has shown time and time again his love towards his little nephew. I’ll never forget when we stayed at Rob's sister's house one night when his nephew was an infant. Rob rushed out into the living room to help his sister with a crying baby at 5 a.m. If that’s not a dedicated dad in the making I don't know what is!

     One of my earliest memories of Rob was seeing the connection between him and his Grandma Susan. Rob greeted his Grandma with a big bear hug and she would spoil him with his favorite foods. It is so evident how close he is with so much of his family including his dad, sister and Lola. I just know that when we meet our little one Rob’s will be absolutely smitten.


    Every day with family is a new adventure. Rob's parents and grandmother are very energetic and always on the move. Everytime we visit, we go out to nearby attractions or walk around at the canal. They love to spend time at the resorts and splash around at the local pools with us. The perfect ending to their day is a stop at the local buffet for a family dinner. Rob's sister and her family also live nearby. We like to stop by her house to visit with her and her son. It's fun to see our little nephew dancing around and making everyone smile. It is very special when everyone is able to meet up together for holidays, especially Christmas. Family is a priority and we visit often. 


Rob works in Park Services at a local theme park and has a Bachelor's degree in Education.


Hobbies: Comic Con, Cosplay, Legos, Using a 3-D printer, Spending time with our nephew, Marvel



Vacation Spot: Flagler Beach

Place to take a child: Theme Parks

Musical Artist: Dream Theatre

Children's Book: Green Eggs and Ham

Sport You Like to Play: Basketball

Sports Team: Yankees

What you like to Collect: Legos

Perfect Day: Video Games, Movie

Time with my Wife

Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies and Cream

Hobby: Cosplay 

ABOUT Jessica

Meet Jessica by Rob

 You won't find a kinder or sweeter soul than my Jessica. She is smart, genuine, and thoughtful in all that she does. Those who have her in their life are truly blessed. Jess is a family centered sister and daughter and a loyal forever friend. She spends time chatting with her mom and sister about life's ups and downs and she checks on her friends often; always ready to spend time with them. Jess has all of the characteristics of a patient, present, devoted mother. I know she will give our child a warm nurturing home and will love them unconditionally.


      We often plan to fly to see Jessica's family once a year. Once there, we meet up with Jessica's mom and often travel around to see her sister and grandparents. Sometimes we plan special events like renting a cabin with a s'more pit or visiting Mount Washington. Usually, we like to catch up and play family games together. Eating mom's homemade meatballs and pizza are definitely highlights when visiting. Mom and Dad are always trying to make up for the time apart by making our favorite foods and visiting extended family. 


Jessica is a 3rd grade teacher at a local private school and has a Bachelor's Degree in Education. 


Hobbies: Reading historical fiction, nature, walking with friends, home-cooked meals


Favorite Things:

Vacation Spot: Knoebles Family Amusement Park

Place to Take a Child: Local Parks

Musical Instrument: French Horn

Children's Book: Bud, Not Buddy

Sport You like to Play: Swimming

Lunch Box Snack: Combos

Perfect Day: Day Outside with My Family

Seasonal Activity: Blueberry Picking

Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Brownie Sundae

Hobby: Reading Historical Fiction


      We feel so lucky to live in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. As you drive down the hill, city lights shine through the darkness but as you turn the corner, majestic oak trees line the street. Children's chatter can often be heard nearby as they ride their scooters on the sidewalk or play basketball with their friends. Two community playgrounds are within walking distance with swings and slides to play on. It's a quick drive to the local theme parks where we make memories together and keep fit throughout the year. Sometimes a quick getaway to the ocean is a treat where we can ride the waves or enjoy the sunshine. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful location!