A prayer of dedication will come from the heart.  Anyone may deliver the prayer, but more than likely it will be the pastor of the service.  Here is a sample prayer that may be shared as an example.  You are welcome to use it as is or incorporate any of the ideas or thoughts into your own prayer.

“Dear Jesus, we approach your throne of grace and love and share our hearts with you.  This is a time of joy and a time of loss.  We pray for your presence as we celebrate and mourn.

This journey is hard and comes with tears.  We know you love us and we ask you to provide us with your peace that surpasses all understanding.  Comfort us with your warmth and compassion.

Father, we ask for strength and courage and for you to carry us all through this journey.  We cannot do this without you and we are leaning on you to help us get through it all.

We celebrate this wonderful baby.  She(He) is a precious bundle and represents your loving grace.  We pray that you protect her(him), today, and through the rest of his(her) life.  Please help her(him) grow into your saving grace and righteousness.

Jesus, now come with Your blessings on “Baby’s Name.” Grant her(him) peace which surpasses all understanding which only You can give.  Guide her(him) in future days.

Thank you for hearing us and for being our provider, our sustainer, and our comfort. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”