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Peter and Bethany
About The Couple

We met on an online dating site. I noticed right away that Peter was special. He asked good questions and took a genuine interest in getting to know who I was. I was intrigued by him. After a couple of weeks of exchanging long messages, he asked me out to dinner. Our first date was at a restaurant called Smokey Bones. We felt at ease with one another right away and more dates followed, including bowling, a trip to the zoo, going to an indoor amusement park, and trying new restaurants. We enjoyed our second date at a local Thai restaurant where our connection deepened. Later, Peter proposed by setting up a private dinner with food from this same restaurant. He also had a book made that included all of our email messages from when we were getting to know each other online. Since we decided on a small wedding, we had our ceremony at a local park pavilion on the most beautiful fall day. It was a perfectly simple, sunny, and wonderful day. We chose a small wedding with hopes of going on a big adventure for our honeymoon. We went to Ireland, a place I had always wanted to go. Peter had been there before on a high school trip, and had wanted to come back with his wife someday. I guess both of our dreams came true :)

Jordon and Kristin
About The Couple

It is our prayer, that you would consider our family worthy of your trust. We love with all of our hearts and want nothing more than to grow our family through adoption. 

Jerry and Meagan
About The Couple

We have been married almost 9 years and together for 14. We met through mutual friends at a restaurant shortly after Meagan moved to Dallas. We were both there to watch a football game and Jerry gave up his seat facing the TV so that Meagan could see the TV screen. His kindness immediately sparked Meagan’s attention. We ended the evening playing pool and really hit it off. We dated for 5 years as Jerry went back to school to pursue a second Bachelors degree. As soon as he graduated, he popped the question in the living room of Meagan’s apartment. We got married 7 months later at a bed and breakfast located in downtown Dallas. Our ceremony was small and intimate and Jerry’s best friend since elementary school officiated our wedding.

We welcomed our daughter, Claire Victoria, in 2019 after years of infertility and we thank God every day for her. Watching her grow, hearing her laugh, and teaching her things brings us so much joy. We so look forward to sharing those same experiences with another child one day!

Our relationship has always been fun and easy. We are truly partners and best friends, as cliché as it may sound. We love each others company and just about everything we do, we do together. We have had our share of hardships, like battling infertility, losing our son and Meagan’s brother, but we lean on each other for support and it has made our relationship stronger. We are committed to one another and to our family for a lifetime.

Kenny and Abby
About The Couple

Hello! Our family lives in a suburb outside Washington, DC and we have two biological daughters - we are very excited to add to our family through adoption! We have been happily married for nine years and are best friends who enjoy traveling together to places both near and far. We are a family who doesn't like to sit still and is always on the move! We are energized by adventure, powered by ice cream, and firmly committed to following Christ and raising our children to love Him and love others. Come explore our profile to learn more of who we are! 

Robert and Rachel
About The Couple

We met 10 years ago and have been married for 7 years. We met online and found a few ways we could have met before! We went to the same college and frequently had classes at the same time in the same building and went to the same conferences in high school for our extra curricular activity. Once we met though we quickly bonded over our love of board games. Today you can still find us playing games together with friends and family. Our favorite to play with family is Letter Jam since it’s a good one for any play level. We already have a list of games we are ready to play with kids including our childhood favorites like Sorry, Life, Clue, and more. We have a large extended family that all live within 20 minutes of us and we get together with both side weekly! We recently got back from an extended family airbnb trip to Broken Bow with some good family fun including too many smores to count and a kids train ride in the forest.  We love spending time in the evenings together usually at our local park and exploring our city on the weekends from splash pads to zoos. We love holiday traditions like 4th of July kids bike parade, Christmas volunteering, and huge birthday celebrations! We are excited to add a little one to our family and for them to be able to bond together over being adopted.  Harper is so excited talking about how good of a big sister she is going to be.  We hope this helps you get to know us and if you have questions hope to hear from you soon!

Matt and Jessica
About The Couple

Married over 13 years with God at our center, we enjoy each other's company by sharing many common interests and values. Interests include: musky fishing, hiking local, state and national parks, and game and movie nights. All activities that we hope to share with a child one day.

Greg and Katherine
About The Couple

Greg and I always enjoy our time together. We like to spend time outdoors, on a kayak or paddleboard, and are always up for a competitive driveway basketball game! We also like working in our yard. I plant flowers and watch them grow, and Greg keeps them watered. Together we make a great team! We love grabbing ice cream with our nieces, cheering on our favorite teams, and watching funny movies together. Christmas movies are in season all year! Whether we’re at home on game night or out sharing a pizza, we always have fun laughing together. 

Our love story:

Greg and I met through my younger brother, Will. Will and Greg met shortly after Will graduated from college. Years later, Will bumped into Greg at the grocery store. He told Greg he should give me a call. Will had never set me up on a date before, so I knew this guy must be someone special! I agreed to go out with Greg, and we have been together ever since.

We dated for one year before becoming engaged. On a cold New Year’s Day, Greg and I went on a romantic walk along the riverfront in Nashville. We were on the beautiful pedestrian bridge overlooking the city when snow began to fall and music began to play. A man on an electric keyboard was playing Ed Sheeran’s song, “Thinking Out Loud”— a beautiful love song about growing old with your true love. I looked at Greg and he was down on one knee. He told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. I enthusiastically said, “Yes!” I complimented Greg for having the musician play the lovely music for the proposal, but Greg said he had not hired him. The musician just happened to be on the bridge performing the perfect soundtrack for our engagement! Every time we pass the pedestrian bridge, we remember the wonderful night we promised to belong to each other forever.

Our wedding was a dream come true! The fun began at our rehearsal dinner. Instead of a traditional dinner, we invited the wedding party to a baseball game. We enjoyed the fireworks display over the ballpark that night—it was as if everyone there was celebrating with us. Our wedding was held at the Nashville Symphony Center. The wedding was a family affair. All our siblings, their spouses, and their children were included in the wedding party. We had an amazing band and everyone danced all night! Our wedding was a joyous event and a true celebration of God’s promises.

Angel and Kelly
About The Couple

We met while we were both in college.  There was an immediate connection. On our first date, we danced to country music for hours. We both love to laugh and be silly and watch funny sitcoms like The Office and Schitts Creek.  We share a passion for reading and like to discuss books.  We also are huge foodies and love to try new restaurants and cuisines. It quickly became evident that we were meant for each other and got married. Growing our family was not as easy as we expected, and we were faced with many losses and pregnancy complications along the way.  However, we have been blessed with two great kids.  Fast forward a few years and we feel led to complete our family through adoption.  We both have strong faith and raise our children to follow God. We try every day to set the example for them of love and compassion and model a healthy marriage.

Guy and Rachel
About The Couple

We couldn’t believe we sat near each other in nursing school for 2 years and never shared more than a few words with each other. After going on our first date, almost a year after graduation, we realized how much we had in common and we were instantly attached to each other. We realized we grew up with similar beliefs and enjoyed the same hobbies. We love sports and going to events together, cheering on our favorite team. We both love trying new restaurants and exploring new cities. We love to ride around looking at mountain views and just enjoy each others company. We love to plan vacations with the kids and surprise them with new adventures. We truly are best friends. We love each other so deeply. We respect each other and stand behind each others dreams. We make sure to put each other first and continue learning ways to grow our relationship with each other and the Lord. Having children was always a dream of ours, even before we were married. We love parenting together and we are so grateful for these special blessings that God has given us.

Brandon and Brandy
About The Couple

Brandon and Brandy have been married 10 years and they are very eager to add a sweet miracle child to their family. We love to spend time with our families and attend church events. Brandon loves anything to do with music. From playing the bass, to playing the drums, to singing. Anything he can do that involves music that is his happy place. Brandy loves anything out doors, during the summer she is outside every chance she gets. As a couple they love to vacation at the beach in the summer then in the winter they love to go to the mountains. They just genuinely love spending time with each other and their families.

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Brad Imler, PH.D., President

Dr. Imler’s passion and commitment for adoption arose out of the blessing he experienced as an adopted child.  He would later meet his birth mother when he was 20 years where he learned about the journey she made in choosing life and adoption for him. 

He promised God that he would do anything, anytime, anywhere for the cause of life and the world of adoption.  His appreciation for adoption would expand as he and his wife grew their family through the adoption of two amazing children, Grant and Lauren. 

He launched Christian Adoptions after uncovering an unhealthy and, for all practical purposes, baby-selling adoption network. He was committed to making certain that adoption practices and education aligned with Biblical definitions and honored adoption from a Christian perspective.

 Nelly Roach, Vice President

As a scared eighteen-year-old determined to get an abortion, Nelly walked into a Planned Parenthood. She left still pregnant and eventually walked into a life-affirming clinic where she decided to parent her son, Robbie. 

While raising her son Robbie as a single parent, she met Michael Roach. In time, she realized that he was the man God had set aside for her.  Michael would marry Nelly and adopt Robbie establishing the Roach family.

Nelly is now dedicated to helping pregnancy centers reach more women. Her passion is to help centers save lives like that of her oldest son while also advancing the positive message of adoption and how it changes lives.