Christian Adoptions is an organization committed to fostering adoptions from a Christian perspective.   It is the mission of the ministry to help find permanent homes for children here in the United States and around the world.

Christian Adoptions provides education and support to all parties on any adoption journey whether it is the birthmother and prospective parents in a domestic adoption, someone working through the foster care system, or an adoption occurring between family members.

Additionally, Christian Adoptions seeks to promote the care and support of orphans around the world.  First off, we see this as a Biblical mandate in James 1:27.  Second, we believe that as couples and families engage in the care and support for orphans that it will move them towards the idea of opening their family open for a child with no home.  Third, we believe that permanency for every child should be a common goal.

Christian Adoptions is committed to providing these services with the expectation of fulfilling the mandate of James 1:27.  We believe that creating permanent Christian homes is one of the most significant things we can do for orphans around the world.

Cord blood donation is another way to invest in the lives of others.  Whether you are a birthmom or adoptive parents, please encourage donating cord blood after the birth of the baby.  If you are electing to store, there is no need, but most don’t store because of the expense.  Donating cord blood versus having it discarded in medical waste helps saves lives.